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$600.00 (MSRP) - Contour Cajon

$350.00 - $680.00

  • Image of $600.00 (MSRP) - Contour Cajon
  • Image of $600.00 (MSRP) - Contour Cajon
  • Image of $600.00 (MSRP) - Contour Cajon
  • Image of $600.00 (MSRP) - Contour Cajon
  • Image of $600.00 (MSRP) - Contour Cajon

The Contour Cajon, (developed and handcrafted Aaron Tafoya) known for its full bodied bass tone, is a premium designed cajon in today's cajon percussion market with the following features:
- Contoured corners that serve as a ergonomic playing tapas (3mm head) and comfortable sitting.
- Super bass tone of 50-60 hz which is a 1st octave bass tone range.
- Back side bongo is a great value and upgrade. (Shown in pictures).
- The standard backside is fabricated standard with a thicker head (4 mm) for a significantly higher tone than the front 3mm.
-Premium grade A wood construction with tonal wood tapas.

Every aspect of this drum has been engineered for optimal cajon percussion that supports today's drummers for any genre of music.

Dimension: 13.5 x 14 x 18.5
Marine woods and class A-B woods and soft woods (Birch) and Walnut or asprted burl hardwoods for accessories.

*Snare on/off knob options and bongo options are available and recommended but can be updated any time after purchase.

Empowered Percussion cajons Instagram gallery Link: https://www.instagram.com/empoweredpercussioncajons/
LISTEN to CONTOUR CAJON: (cut and paste)


LISTEN TO CONTOUR BONGO PRO: https://soundcloud.com/aaron-tafoya-1/contour-cajon-bongo-rhythym-2

LISTEN CONTOUR CAJON PERUVIAN TONE (NO SNARE) https://soundcloud.com/aaron-tafoya-1/peruvian-cajon-rhythym-eqon-contour-cajon-by-empowered-percussion

Products patents pending

LISTEN 4mm (THICKEST) "BACK SIDE" OF CONTOUR CAJON: https://soundcloud.com/aaron-tafoya-1/contour-cajon-by-empowered-percussion-4mm-back-side

Option: Permanent Guitar string snares can be applied upon request. Let us know upon your order (same price)

Terms and conditions:

Shipping is usually 3-5 days in the USA after your drum is complete.

Image of Wood Cajon Port
Wood Cajon Port
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