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$799.00 (MSRP) - Original Contour Cajón

$450.00 - $500.00 / On sale

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The Contour Cajon (developed and handcrafted Aaron Tafoya) known for its full bodied bass tone, is a premium designed cajon in today's cajon percussion market with the following features:
• Contoured steamed corners that serve as a ergonomic playing tapas (3mm head) and comfortable sitting.
• Hand turned adjustable snare (concert snare chains) with internal magnetic silencers. (Traditional guitar string stung optional)
• Super bass tone of 50-60 hz which is a 1st octave bass tone range.
• Back side or side bongo is a great value and upgrade. (Shown in pictures).
• The standard backside "quinto tone"is fabricated standard with a thicker head (4 mm) for a significantly higher tone than the front 3mm.
• Premium grade A wood construction with tonal wood tapas (marine grade heads).
• Engineered intentionally to be lightweight

YouTube EP contour commercial:
One of the best compliments we received at our 2020 Namm show EP booth was when I guy came around the corner and said "WOW, We've been hearing the perfect snare tone all weakened and I finally found where its coming from"! Our EP Cajons!

Every aspect of this drum has been engineered for optimal cajon percussion that supports today's drummers for any genre of music.

Original Contour Cajon Video:

Dimension: 13.5 x 13.5 x 18.5
Marine woods and class A-B woods and soft woods (Birch) and Walnut or assorted burl hardwoods for accessories.

*Snare on/off knob options and bongo options are available and recommended but can be updated any time after purchase.
Need help deciding which leather and stain? Here are our best color harmonies. Leather wood stain color harmony:
• Black stain on Black leather Sample (most popular)
• Black Stain with classic Brown Leather Sample (second most popular)
• Pecan and Veggie tan leather (light brown)
• Natural birch wood grain and Brown leather
• Natural Birch and black or brown embossed Paisley leather

Make an appointment to test drive your drum and select finish and leather options in person or virtually. EPC # 6129684745

Empowered Percussion cajons Instagram gallery Link:
LISTEN to CONTOUR CAJON: (cut and paste)



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Option: Permanent Guitar string snares can be applied upon request. Let us know upon your order (same price)

Terms and conditions:

Shipping is usually 3-5 days in the USA after your drum is complete.