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Hot! Beet Purple Leather Paisley Contour cajón

$500.00 - $525.00 / On sale

Select Semi transparent wood stain color options
Select Embossed Paisley leather color options
Select Custom words (Email us your wording)

Take advantage of our reduced Holiday prices! These drums sound better than they look! Were proud to be crafting this cajon for 9 years and counting out of our drum studio in St.Paul, MN.!
• Paisley embossed leather
• Custom turned snare knob on/off mechanism
- Snare is custom tuned
- Snares magnetically silenced
• Play the front 65Hz low bass tone
• Play the back side quinto tone (high)
• Gradient stained and Paisley etched side bongo
• Laser designed graphics
• Craftsman turned wood port insert

Free - Option of a customized dedication badge and "Make a Statement" with your words for the front and center of the head eg. Gratitude, Courage, Drum Dad or perhaps a nick name, stage name, band name... Limited to 5 words. Pay a little extra for more. Email us! [email protected]
Inspiration - Wood stain "Paisley leather" color combinations:
• Black on Black leather
• Gray with Red leather
• Sesame and Rich Brown leather
• Smoke wood black over Black leather

Drum empowered today!
♡ from EPC