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$65.00 (msrp) - TANI Fiber sticks by Empowered Perussion

$25.00 - $50.00 / On sale

Versatile, natural, resilient and artisan - Probably one of the most structurally sound engineered broom corn stick brushes we've seen; hand made from a 3rd generation broom maker exclusive to EPC. No glues, no plastics, no bs - Just a custom designed versitile stick for drummers and cajon players thus shaping their grooves to be a more refined with a natrual timbre that produces a sound that both cuts and protects your cajon heads. No more metal fiber particulates getting stuck in your wood grain!

The bass of the fiber brush is a modified 5b stick with wood tips making this stick very rigid and balanced. Transition to brushes to snare without loosing the tone on your cymbals! Also, .learn Aaron's technique to optimize your drum set knowlge to cajon knowlge. (Free video lesson coming soon)!